Hi Jimmie -
Thanks for a really great class today! It was fun. Also I was in A LOT of pain around my right hip, lower back, even the front of my lower abdomen. Thought maybe it was partially the psoas. Left class pain free and have been that way all day. So thanks again!
-Jennifer White  October 30, 2015

Dear Jimmie,
Thank you very much for having us.  I really got a lot out of the retreat and am very grateful my friend encouraged me to go.  There was really good energy there the whole time, both in our practice and in the really nice lunch afterwards.  The practice was good for me because my yoga is usually so much more vigorous.  It was probably good for me to slow down a little.  And, although I don't know why, for some reason that standing split that morning was the most stable I've ever been when in that pose.  I'm not going to worry about why but I just like it that it was.  My word was "forward" as in forward movement, and always striving to move forward in all good things, and towards all goals, always forward no matter what the obstacles.  I'll be focusing on that in the future.   Your property is really beautiful and just being there seeing that beautiful view when we practiced was wonderful.   Thanks again for everything and I hope to practice again with you soon!


Practicing yoga with Jimmie has been fun and rewarding. She is calm, kind, encouraging, and her step by step approach and ability to explain the different positions really helped me to progress quickly. I have gained a lot more flexibility and am continuing to get stronger and fitter all the time.
My main reason or starting yoga was to increase my core strength for riding my horses. Along with my new core strength (which I love!!) came increased confidence in the saddle.
Jimmie's classes are always different, interesting and super fun which gives me the motivation to come back time and time again!

Darlene Preston

Joy Crain

    In 2012 my daughter gave me two private classes with Jimmie as a birthday gift -- have to say it was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I take private sessions once or twice a week and come to two classes and week.
    Practicing yoga lifts my spirits as it increases my flexibility, range of motion and balance. Jimmie tailors my private classes to my abilities and needs while her twice weekly 5:30pm classes are great after a hectic day at the office.

...around the gazebo...
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